It’s not every day that one turns 30 and when that happens do it with pleasure. Age gracefully rather than feeling desperate you are aging. When I turn back and look myself I feel gracious on what I am. I feel myself privileged to age because as years pass I find myself drawn towards my inner self satisfying ‘the me’. You may think I am being self-centered. Maybe I am but I think it’s better to be so than living your whole life regretting on what could be done or what-if I decided otherwise. I am one among those few who think being single despite turning 30 is a blessing while my counterparts are busy thinking what to cook for breakfast next day. I am a freewheeling soul and still aim to empty my bucket list though it keeps piling up. To all those who worry about aging, keep smiling and embrace life. When life gives you 100 reasons to cry give life a 1000 more reasons to smile. Stay strong and live as if world ends now. And so that’s how I wish myself a very happy birthday. Many more years to come and many more journeys to be savoured.
PS . Miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.