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To all men who question what is it being a girl
Listen carefully man, it’s simply because I was born a girl.
From the day I was born my mother took extra care to cover me up just because I was born a girl and the evil eyes should never get an evil thought.
As I grew up people insisted to look down and walk just because I was born a girl
When puberty visited it took a roller coaster and I was in a world of restrictions and irritations.
I felt my body change which also brought along a load of fear and I could feel evil eyes on me and could see evil thoughts in them.
And one fine day I felt cramping on my abdomen which crushed me to the ground and I started bleeding. Yes, I also had the same thought as every other girl would have. What next?
And it continued to hit me with pain every month. It took me years to figure out why my emotions keep playing before the red days strike.
Yes, man you may comment anything about controlling emotions or it’s normal for a girl. Yes, you said it and that is what which makes us so special. Every 28 days we bleed for 5 days with excruciating pain and we still make for work with no complaints and with no extra rest. And some times the pain brings visitors also like vomiting, fainting and what not. And you ask what’s so special about being a girl? Dare you to try the emotional play at least once in your lifetime. Experience the depression, the helplessness, the anger and even the suicidal thoughts at least for once. And surviving that makes us special.
And how about being a mother? Can you imagine your body change for another life? Yes changes we undergo for long 9 months, our belly expands, our spine changes shape and again the hormonal game. And how can I ask you not to think about the pregnancy hormone effect; the puke called morning sickness that continues throughout the day for as long as it wish, the craving, the exhaustion. Oh! How I wish the technology be so advanced that I could inject those pregnancy hormones on your body just for you to feel it once and for all.
And we suffer the pain to give another life and you say women are strong enough for that or it’s natural. Yes, you said it and that is what which makes us special. Because you can never tear yourself apart for any reason. And do think the work is over and soon we can join work? So how about the sleepless nights and tiresome days spent to sustain the new life while you enjoy your sound sleep? And your only concern is the number of leaves we enjoy being a mother. Think for yourself man, will you be able to imagine the half of what we undergo. Respect the fact that being born a girl is never an easy task and never degrade yourself to the point of questioning the privileges we enjoy (in your words). It’s not that simple being a girl, it’s simply because I was born a girl.