Pondicherry Driving Tips 2

I still remember the day I went to purchase my helmet three years back. I succeeded in finding a helmet showroom (still don’t know whether it can be called a showroom) after so much struggle. A few days back I thought of paying a visit to the town thinking that the town would forget me as I used to be a regular visitor once. I was shocked to see helmet shops spring up like mushrooms in the city. In my disbelief I even cross-checked my location with Google map to make sure I didn’t woke up somewhere else. While I kept wondering about this, I heard a loudspeaker announce that in few days time it will be May 1st. And yes, then my memory flashed. Pondicherry will also start to wear helmet in no time. By the time I recollected this old news my scooter reached the destination. I removed my helmet and was about to keep it on the handle as a company to my scooter when a thought arose questioning the safety of my helmet. Without having a second thought I grabbed my helmet back and let it travel along with me making sure nobody will harm my helmet.

And Then I Met Life

And the journey of many miles and many moons began…

The jungle full of lush verdure, Subjugated by harmony and anarchy

The path unforeseen to the world, blinded by the shadow of the bygones

Entwined by the sorcery of agony, brimmed with solitude

Separated from all souls, drenched by impending doom

The darkest of the souls exposed, dancing to the tune of betrayal

Pain of the tampered trust, the boon to the strongest heart

Truth a distant entity, overthrown by​ the eloquence of draconian lies

The voyage in search of the light begins…

I Proudly Present Before You Pondicherry Driving Tips

To all my beloved ones who wish to visit one of the most beautiful places in India,

As I see there is going to be an overflow of many people to Pondicherry in the near future, I thought it would be a good guide for those who intend to make it a road trip or in the worst scenario you think to hire a bike for sightseeing purpose.

The city is beauty at its best but the drivers are the least, I speak especially of those two wheelers. You see a bike parked in the red signal say on the left end, expect the bike to jump across you to right while you try to head forward. And never forget to get abused for heading the right way. And talking about red signal, people don’t really care about red signals now a days I believe, you can even get annoyed when people use the red signal as an opportunity to try the quality of their horn.

Helmets and age never matter if you wanna drive in the city. Helmets are considered an alien entity and people give you one of those weird looks if ever you happen to drive around with one. Speaking of age, the day you prove you can ride a bicycle the parent is entitled to buy him a bike whether or not he can reach his legs down on the road. So driver’s licence failed to mark it’s territory here. You see people riding triples while the cops wave them thumbs-up. Nothing to wonder if at all you feel like wondering.

If you are not overly fond of sounds better you carry a cotton plug along with you as this is going to be an ear breaking experience. People here are so obsessed with honking that they can’t even drive 100 metre without hearing it.

One thing that amuses me is the way people respect ambulances. Of all the dangerous cities I have proved my driving talent Pondicherry is the one which gives way to ambulances, probably because most of them has either been inside one or has traveled an escort. Can’t blame them, you will have to witness atleast an accident per ride.

And another speciality here is the round abouts. You never use the clockwise circulation in Pondicherry except in very few locations. Try the clockwise pattern and get ready for multiple charges viz. accidents, abuses, penalty being a few.

A very important point to be kept in mind is to consider every driver as drunk or stoned or has just escaped from mental asylum as this can help you to keep your calm. Have a nice stay and safe ride in Pondicherry.


Dearest 2016,

The following are not just words but my heart. From the moment we met it was abomination that prevailed and I craved to get done with you. But now that we are about to bid farewell I realize you were never my enemy but my boon companion, just that you were too straight forward for me to accept. Yes, you were tough on me but as you believed, here I stand with all mightiness. You brought with you a roller-coaster of all emotions and experiences. Though you hit me with ill-timed naked truths you helped me unleash the most awesome person I used to know whom I lost in the life’s run – The Me. I know I always dared to meet the old me, the more furious, the more scarier, the more bolder version of me. I take this opportunity to thank you for everything. Thanks for the back-stabs, for the priority checks, those happy moments, for karma hitting me right on the head with sledge hammer, for letting me sit back and watch karma avenge me, thanks for the inflicted pain, the blessings, the heartbreaks, the tears, smiles and broken trust, thanks for the new faces, people who left and those who stayed despite all the tortures. Now that I have gained the courage to face me I may proudly dare you to tell 2017 to try anything on me to bring me down and make yourself a failure. Thank you for everything.



A Silent Tribute To Puratchi Thalaivi

December 5 2016, a day Tamil makkal can never forget, the day when their “Amma” succumbed to death. At first I used to wonder why the Tamilmakkal has so much passion for her, yes they have a reason for such devotion towards her. They are a group of people who keep people close to their hearts, who embraces all emotions very tightly and that explains their deep expression of compassion towards film stars and politicians. As they pay their last tributes to their beloved chief minister, the state is left in anarchy. A very gorgeous and powerful lady who showed the world  how a leader should  conquer the heart of  the followers. A charismatic girl who was brought to the fantasy world of film industry at a very young age, though she claims never to have enjoyed her career, she conquered the industry. A fierce lady who fondled love deep in her heart but showed the world nothing can break her. A lover of music and books that was her strength. An iron lady who lived for the people and a real fighter till the last breath. Many may think why Tamil makkal are even ready to die for her, I may say she touched their heart and soul so deep the same way a mother touches her baby’s and no wonder she is called “Amma”. I bow before you Puratchi Thalaivi Amma for surmounting the peoples heart and for the audacity of being an invincible lady. Let your soul rest in peace.

A Letter To A Broken Heart

Every time I listen to a broken heart it’s like my heart is being squeezed out from it’s place. Yes, it’s hard to gift your heart to someone and get it back all tampered with. Always remember one thing, love is one of the sharpest weapons known to exist but until broken, love is the sweetest emotion too. People may say time heals, but believe me it does not. It’s just that you get used to the pain. It’s another way of adapting to the emptiness the person has left behind and that emptiness can never be filled by anyone. It really is tough to get through but take it light, let yourself walk through. In life there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. Maybe not today but someday for sure you will come to know the answers. Letting your love walk away takes a great deal more than holding on. So don’t worry you were strong enough to do that you will be strong enough to face anything else in life. When you are in melancholy think of the day you let your love walk away from you. That pain will give you strength to move on in life and help you face any problem. So if you have a broken heart stitch it together with all the love that was given to you and with a smile keep moving. Let the memories become your strength than weakness. Keep smiling. It’s just a matter of a moment. It will soon pass.

Illogical Ads


To all those sanitary napkin companies out there, all these days you were giving the wrong concept of advertising. Being a girl I can assure it is not the discomfort due to leakage that most of the girls are worried about rather the excruciating pain that we undergo during those days. Your napkin does nothing to stop that so kindly stop advertising the wrong concept of those days. Regarding sleep pattern of those days, ask any girl it’s never a big issue as long as you get to sleep in your own bed. Maybe you will be extra conscious if you have to stay at a friend’s place but never as you say. So kindly stop advertising attention style sleep pose on those days. Regarding the 12 hour long protection, it’s better to advertise come girls embrace infection or the worse cancer. It’s true that people prefer napkins over the old methods but that’s never for the reasons you state. It’s just that we are comfortable and less chance of infection over the old methods. So please grow up and put some logic in your advertisements.

Lonely Beauty

In the midst of heaven’s beauty
There stood a lovely star
They called it “The Lonely Beauty”
Loneliness was her only friend there
At first he was her greatest enemy
She looked him with disgust and hatred
She never tried to see the beauty in his eyes
She always hurt him with stinging words
But still he loved her

When her little heart got wounded
By the beauty of this world
He was the only one to comfort her
But still she hated him

People walked in and out of her life
But no one stayed for long
He waited for her to return
But she never did notice him

At some point in life when all left
She understood the value of him
She accepted the fact of life
World is beautiful only when
We set our minds free

Now she has started loving him
He taught her to see the beauty
That lies within her
Now for her, life is sweeter than ever
Stepping to the tunes of life
She said from the bottom of her heart
Loneliness is my best friend

And There I Stand Alone

There I stand alone
And alone I stand with weird dreams
Dreams which were my life once
Once sweet memories which left me alone
Alone in this lonely world

And there I stand alone
And alone I stand with empty eyes
Empty eyes which perceive blankness
And blankness alone which makes life
Life which is meaningless when blank

And there I stand alone
And alone I stand with shattered memories
Memories of my past which I thought my future
My future of which I know nothing
‘Nothing’ the word which describes me

And there I stand alone
And alone I stand in search of my lost light
The light which guided me in dark
Darkness which made me the real me
The real me for whom I am in search of

And there I stand alone
And alone I stand with open mind
Open mind which guide me through
My thoughts which guides my future
My future my life

And there I stand alone
And alone I stand with eyes closed
Eyes closed in deep prayers
Prayers which help regain my lost light
The light which guides me through

And there I stand alone
And alone I stand with new dreams
Dreams which will make my memories
New memories which are sweeter than the lost
Lost memories which I hold back forever

And forever I stand alone
With open mind and closed eyes….