It’s nothing but the mandatory year check. 2017, the year which brought along luck and love. When I turn back I see a blessed me, a year which helped me empty my years piled bucket list while making sure it’s refilled timely. Counting the few blessings, I see a proud owner of a home, setting it up was a very tough task especially for a lazy Taurean but I enjoyed it to the core, waking up to the beauty of sunrise, savoring the luxury of reading my favourite books in my recliner with music around and the taste of coffee, spending my evenings with the beautiful view from my balcony and the inseparable companion coffee. But the greatest achievement of 2017 is the decision to change from Ms to Mrs, ultimately finding the love of my life, infact the one I gonna irritate for the rest of my life. Thank you all my dearest friends for sticking around when I was very hard to be around, all this wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Let 2018 bring all joy and blessings to all.