It’s been 3 weeks since I got creepy thoughts on the lump I found on my breast. Since then I am bewildered on the thought what next. I was concerned more than I should be and the thought that I am soon gonna get married shattered me. There was a time I even stopped talking to my fiance, in case of an adversity, I shouldn’t be a cause for his sorrow. I rang up my astrologer friend to whom I rely on when uncertainty strikes and he convinced me there is nothing wrong with my stars and I will be perfectly fine. Gaining a strong suit I somehow managed to disclose the matter to my doctor. Reassuaring me there is nothing to worry she fixed a date for scan. I showed up on time as fixed and she guided me to the scan room. We stepped in through the RCC which gave me the shakes. Many thoughts ran through my mind, the patients I have met, friends and family who have been through and many more. Maybe I am yet another person she is going to scan. I crossed my fingers as we reached the scan room. The 15 minutes test felt like a lifetime. Once we finished with the test my doctor reassured me with a 99.9% normalcy and nothing to worry and that I am perfectly fine like any other women. For the 0.1% guarantee she couldn’t assure, I was asked to follow up later after 6 months and I left the room thanking her in relief. While heading to the parking lot I was lost in thoughts on whether I should let my fiance know about this or not. I know a verbal talk will surely fail me but my pen will never.