My dear Pondicherrians,

There exists a small lever/switch on your vehicle when turned to left or right brings a blinking light into action either left or right respectively. The lever/switch indicates the direction of your journey hence termed as indicator.

Inspiration for the Tip:

Here I go sticking to my track with the left indicator on with hardly any space for another vehicle to pass through my left side. I check through my rearview mirror and finding no vehicle around I turn mine towards the left just missing a hard hit on myself as well as my vehicle (Thank God, my brakes were in good condition). In my disbelief and shock of where did he come from, I ask for confirmation whether he’s blind to miss my indicator or myself and the reply led me to another attack. “You were not holding your left hand on the handle so I never thought you will turn left”. A loud round of applause to my fellow driver who proved himself not only blind but made sure his vision was sharp enough to see my missing hand on the handle but somehow missed my blinking light. Anyways my patience stepped in and I bothered myself to give him a lecture on indicators that exist on the side of the vehicle and not on the hand of the rider. Maybe he was enlightened by my lecture that he stopped blaming me for adjusting my hair from falling on my face and accepted the function of the indicator.