I still remember the day I went to purchase my helmet three years back. I succeeded in finding a helmet showroom (still don’t know whether it can be called a showroom) after so much struggle. A few days back I thought of paying a visit to the town thinking that the town would forget me as I used to be a regular visitor once. I was shocked to see helmet shops spring up like mushrooms in the city. In my disbelief I even cross-checked my location with Google map to make sure I didn’t woke up somewhere else. While I kept wondering about this, I heard a loudspeaker announce that in few days time it will be May 1st. And yes, then my memory flashed. Pondicherry will also start to wear helmet in no time. By the time I recollected this old news my scooter reached the destination. I removed my helmet and was about to keep it on the handle as a company to my scooter when a thought arose questioning the safety of my helmet. Without having a second thought I grabbed my helmet back and let it travel along with me making sure nobody will harm my helmet.