To all my beloved ones who wish to visit one of the most beautiful places in India,

As I see there is going to be an overflow of many people to Pondicherry in the near future, I thought it would be a good guide for those who intend to make it a road trip or in the worst scenario you think to hire a bike for sightseeing purpose.

The city is beauty at its best but the drivers are the least, I speak especially of those two wheelers. You see a bike parked in the red signal say on the left end, expect the bike to jump across you to right while you try to head forward. And never forget to get abused for heading the right way. And talking about red signal, people don’t really care about red signals now a days I believe, you can even get annoyed when people use the red signal as an opportunity to try the quality of their horn.

Helmets and age never matter if you wanna drive in the city. Helmets are considered an alien entity and people give you one of those weird looks if ever you happen to drive around with one. Speaking of age, the day you prove you can ride a bicycle the parent is entitled to buy him a bike whether or not he can reach his legs down on the road. So driver’s licence failed to mark it’s territory here. You see people riding triples while the cops wave them thumbs-up. Nothing to wonder if at all you feel like wondering.

If you are not overly fond of sounds better you carry a cotton plug along with you as this is going to be an ear breaking experience. People here are so obsessed with honking that they can’t even drive 100 metre without hearing it.

One thing that amuses me is the way people respect ambulances. Of all the dangerous cities I have proved my driving talent Pondicherry is the one which gives way to ambulances, probably because most of them has either been inside one or has traveled an escort. Can’t blame them, you will have to witness atleast an accident per ride.

And another speciality here is the round abouts. You never use the clockwise circulation in Pondicherry except in very few locations. Try the clockwise pattern and get ready for multiple charges viz. accidents, abuses, penalty being a few.

A very important point to be kept in mind is to consider every driver as drunk or stoned or has just escaped from mental asylum as this can help you to keep your calm. Have a nice stay and safe ride in Pondicherry.