Dearest 2016,

The following are not just words but my heart. From the moment we met it was abomination that prevailed and I craved to get done with you. But now that we are about to bid farewell I realize you were never my enemy but my boon companion, just that you were too straight forward for me to accept. Yes, you were tough on me but as you believed, here I stand with all mightiness. You brought with you a roller-coaster of all emotions and experiences. Though you hit me with ill-timed naked truths you helped me unleash the most awesome person I used to know whom I lost in the life’s run – The Me. I know I always dared to meet the old me, the more furious, the more scarier, the more bolder version of me. I take this opportunity to thank you for everything. Thanks for the back-stabs, for the priority checks, those happy moments, for karma hitting me right on the head with sledge hammer, for letting me sit back and watch karma avenge me, thanks for the inflicted pain, the blessings, the heartbreaks, the tears, smiles and broken trust, thanks for the new faces, people who left and those who stayed despite all the tortures. Now that I have gained the courage to face me I may proudly dare you to tell 2017 to try anything on me to bring me down and make yourself a failure. Thank you for everything.