December 5 2016, a day Tamil makkal can never forget, the day when their “Amma” succumbed to death. At first I used to wonder why the Tamilmakkal has so much passion for her, yes they have a reason for such devotion towards her. They are a group of people who keep people close to their hearts, who embraces all emotions very tightly and that explains their deep expression of compassion towards film stars and politicians. As they pay their last tributes to their beloved chief minister, the state is left in anarchy. A very gorgeous and powerful lady who showed the world  how a leader should  conquer the heart of  the followers. A charismatic girl who was brought to the fantasy world of film industry at a very young age, though she claims never to have enjoyed her career, she conquered the industry. A fierce lady who fondled love deep in her heart but showed the world nothing can break her. A lover of music and books that was her strength. An iron lady who lived for the people and a real fighter till the last breath. Many may think why Tamil makkal are even ready to die for her, I may say she touched their heart and soul so deep the same way a mother touches her baby’s and no wonder she is called “Amma”. I bow before you Puratchi Thalaivi Amma for surmounting the peoples heart and for the audacity of being an invincible lady. Let your soul rest in peace.