Every time I listen to a broken heart it’s like my heart is being squeezed out from it’s place. Yes, it’s hard to gift your heart to someone and get it back all tampered with. Always remember one thing, love is one of the sharpest weapons known to exist but until broken, love is the sweetest emotion too. People may say time heals, but believe me it does not. It’s just that you get used to the pain. It’s another way of adapting to the emptiness the person has left behind and that emptiness can never be filled by anyone. It really is tough to get through but take it light, let yourself walk through. In life there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. Maybe not today but someday for sure you will come to know the answers. Letting your love walk away takes a great deal more than holding on. So don’t worry you were strong enough to do that you will be strong enough to face anything else in life. When you are in melancholy think of the day you let your love walk away from you. That pain will give you strength to move on in life and help you face any problem. So if you have a broken heart stitch it together with all the love that was given to you and with a smile keep moving. Let the memories become your strength than weakness. Keep smiling. It’s just a matter of a moment. It will soon pass.