To all those sanitary napkin companies out there, all these days you were giving the wrong concept of advertising. Being a girl I can assure it is not the discomfort due to leakage that most of the girls are worried about rather the excruciating pain that we undergo during those days. Your napkin does nothing to stop that so kindly stop advertising the wrong concept of those days. Regarding sleep pattern of those days, ask any girl it’s never a big issue as long as you get to sleep in your own bed. Maybe you will be extra conscious if you have to stay at a friend’s place but never as you say. So kindly stop advertising attention style sleep pose on those days. Regarding the 12 hour long protection, it’s better to advertise come girls embrace infection or the worse cancer. It’s true that people prefer napkins over the old methods but that’s never for the reasons you state. It’s just that we are comfortable and less chance of infection over the old methods. So please grow up and put some logic in your advertisements.