In the midst of heaven’s beauty
There stood a lovely star
They called it “The Lonely Beauty”
Loneliness was her only friend there
At first he was her greatest enemy
She looked him with disgust and hatred
She never tried to see the beauty in his eyes
She always hurt him with stinging words
But still he loved her

When her little heart got wounded
By the beauty of this world
He was the only one to comfort her
But still she hated him

People walked in and out of her life
But no one stayed for long
He waited for her to return
But she never did notice him

At some point in life when all left
She understood the value of him
She accepted the fact of life
World is beautiful only when
We set our minds free

Now she has started loving him
He taught her to see the beauty
That lies within her
Now for her, life is sweeter than ever
Stepping to the tunes of life
She said from the bottom of her heart
Loneliness is my best friend