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It was the time when I was totally addicted to X-men, Harry Potter, Avengers, Twilight Saga and such superhero series’. And these characters even made to my dream running me crazy for them. One day my friend asked me to accompany her to the church and I said yes. Even though being a Sunday we had our morning shift which was so tiresome. But as I promised her this the week before we both got to the church. I was too tired to concentrate on what is being preached and my mind began to wander around the superheros. I remember hearing a story preached by the father in the church. The story goes like this. Jesus was walking in the crowd and a woman with some bleeding disorder touched him and she was cured. Suddenly Jesus stops himself and asks to the crowd who has touched him. He gets a reply as follows : “There are so many people gathered around here Lord and how can you tell somebody touched you specifically.” He again goes in search of the person who touched him and finally the woman who was afraid of  being cursed thinking that what she did was a crime confesses before the crowd. The story kept running in my mind along with my superheroes for the rest of the mass. And I kept wondering whether Jesus was also one among my superheroes with super talents, the talent being none other than the capability to transfer his positive energy to others by gathering their negative energy. Is He another mutant of that time where no one recognized mutants as they do now? The fate is also the same as of the others. Being punished, crucified or the worse humiliated and killed. Our new generation mutants and superheroes fight for their cause but Jesus being the ultimate of positive energy sacrificed himself for others negative energy to be vanished along with him. The same can be applied to others too like Lord Rama, Allah or Lord Krishna. Ultimately they all possessed some super powers like my superheroes in one way or the other and I still keep wondering were they also mutants?

PS: This doesn’t mean any offense to any religion or any belief.