There was a time when I decided to stay away from every single soul other than my family due to some totally disturbing events and I even swore I am not gonna add anymore number to my friends list. This girl somehow managed to enter into my personal and private circle without any invitation. It was like iron getting attracted to magnet. We crashed into each other by chance and she became my partner in crime in every meaning. Gradually we realized we used to share the same thoughts and even sometimes used to spit the same comments :P. Those late night outings to the beach, variety restaurants we tried, silent moments we spent, those brunch time we still manage to find even on hectic duties. I should say I will always be grateful to you my dear as there is no one in the world who has tolerated me like this other than my sister. And how can I not mention those priced moments when you used to cook for me just because I said I am lazy in the name of morning duty or class. Thank You so much for coming into my life even though you were uninvited. Or I should rephrase nothing can change your fate, ultimately you will have to suffer what ever is meant to be suffered :P. Happy Friendship Day dear….