It was a very tough day and such situations make me realize being a nurse is the toughest job. I may rephrase, being a nurse is the toughest but being a pediatric nurse is more tougher. Handling death is not anything new to us but there are times when we see the baby for many days, get attached with them like our own baby and seeing them struggle between life and death and finally losing the battle to death. Today was such a day. Yes, my sweetheart you knew how much we cared for you, how much we loved you. We all were literally like your mother. We have sacrificed our sleep just to make sure you received the best care, many a times you did pee on us, did definitely puke on us, we cuddled you tight just because we knew that is what you wanted to comfort you. Yes I was teared apart seeing you in such a pathetic situation today and I knew you won’t make through this day. Oh! Sweetheart, we all will miss you so much, those comforting hugs, your cute face, your mother’s anxious face. How much we prayed for you to revive, how hard we struggled to get you back to life. Maybe that is what the Lord Almighty wanted. Though your life on this Earth were very limited you managed to touch each and every person who took care of you and with a heavy heart we part you good bye. May your soul rest in peace my baby. I salute all nurses who fight back their tears when you surrender to death just because they cared a lot for you.