While I was driving, I saw a Royal Enfield in front of me and the old thoughts struck me hard. It is so funny a life if we turn back and take a look. I was laughing on those immature ideas and thoughts I had of life which I could remember only with a smile. Though silly now, those thoughts and ideas made me the present me for which I will always be grateful. There was a time when I wanted to marry a childhood friend of mine just because we shared the same birthdate. As I grew up little more and started driving a bicycle, I was mesmerised by the charm of Royal Enfield and I wanted to marry a person who owns one. Then it was the era of WWF and six packs were another criteria. The list went on and on. But when reality struck I still remember giving off my heart to someone whom I could never relate to, even in my wildest dreams, just to get it back shattered. Now if you ask me, it is not the same birthdate or a Royal Enfield or a six pack for which I may say yes. Though I have developed an aversion towards marriage, it’s always a heart which can see into mine I would prefer. It’s funny if you take a look into the old you. Yes, the more the number of people you meet, the more the stronger you become. The more the number of days you live, the more wiser you become. Though life has changed, given a chance, I would re-live every single moment of my day and make the same mistakes I have done just to turn up into the ‘present me’ more stronger and more happier. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚