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Male chauvinism, that is what I opened my eyes to and I recognized sleepily that was my friend’s comment on some so called funny text that underestimate a woman. I ignored and started checking my Facebook notifications. Everywhere it’s the same video which is the topic of discussion. As I believe it’s just another piece of news the media want and not exactly women’s safety I ignored that too. And then my friend’s post again struck me. Yes that was an awesome one. A letter she wrote to her boys to grow as a man and not a male Chavunist. Meanwhile I received a message from some unknown kid who kept on texting me since yesterday to accept his friend request,  not only his but of his friends too. As it was a mass attack I thought I should respond and I told the first person I am sorry I won’t accept. There comes the reply. What do you think of yourself?  Don’t speak to me like this again? I was shocked. I felt offended.What did I say I wondered! Another set of threatening dialogues, I texted our common friend who seemed to be their big sis and I blocked him and his friend too. I leaned back on my bed and thought it is true,  children grow up listening to adults. Their moral values depend on how they are brought up. How will these kids who respond in such an aggressive way on rejecting a mere fb request react on denying permission to what they really love,  maybe a girl?

When a woman gets insulted or get raped it’s the parents of the man who needs to be blamed instead of the girl unless and until the man is a psycho. The ambivalent world presents before me a mother who struggle hard to teach her sons how easy it is to offend a girl but tough to respect her,  meanwhile there still exists mothers who defend their sons even after they brutally rape a girl or the worse a baby.