It was another fine morning and as usual I was rushing to matron office to sign before it becomes crowded. On the way I saw a pair of eyes staring at me and I didn’t dare to take a second look as I was scared of his/her appearance. I still don’t know how exactly to call. Yes, he was a trans-gender.As per my experience and the stories which I have heard about them, I didn’t want to interact. Yes, being a transgender is considered a taabu in most parts of the world and are normally thrown out from the family.

Once I completed my formalities, I was slowly walking to the parking lot as I had time on hand. I was expecting the same doubtfilled eyes to stare at me. And as I expected he was standing right in front of me. As our gaze met he came forward with a piece of paper on hand. I could feel same awkwardness which I was having in me on him too. He was dressed in a red shade saree worn high than normal length with more than half of his belly exposed and a very rough sound to add on. With all my guts I hid the feelings running inside me and managed to curl my lips to a smile. Fear, agony, getting ignored, so much mixed emotions I could read out from his eyes. I just looked into his paper and guided him to the X ray room. He held his hands together in front of me and thanked me deeply. I just smiled and while walking back I was held up in my thoughts. Maybe ignorance was the only thing he got from everyone, maybe that’s why he was resisting at first. Maybe he sensed a slight compassion in my eyes, maybe because I know what exactly being ignored means. Being a nurse, I was taught to treat everyone equally moreover I was taught to respect every single life on earth by my parents. I silently thanked the Almighty for blessing me with such good people around me to guide my life as I carried on with my work.