My dearest 2014,

As I wished and hoped you were the sweetest, luckiest and happiest year of my life till date. I wished for nothing but you gave me everything you could possibly give. I thank you dear for all the twists and turns, the unexpected changes, the surprises you gave me. Thank you God for making it a perfect year. After all it was an awesome year.

I still remember the warmth you had when I welcomed you and thanks for being the same throughout the year. Do you remember the resolutions I took when you came to my life? Yes you gave me strength to stick on to that which eased my life.

Thanking everyone by name will surely leave somebody behind but some names cannot be forgotten. I had only started enjoying the luxury of my new hostel and teaching in the new block of Nightingale For-nurses when opportunity struck me unexpectedly. Yes, I had to leave you guys behind with a heavy heart. But I would never have made it without your constant support my dearest Lijo Sir. I will never forget the awesome birthday surprises you gave me.Thanks for being with me through the thick and thin. When I joined Jipmer I never thought it would be this way. Thanks my dear friend Saali for being there for me and Reena Oommen for your support. Thanks Mon Meileur Amie without you I won’t be enjoying my life here moreover I wouldn’t be here.

You finally made me a postgraduate. You helped me sort out my true friends too.
You brought me back my school days which I thought I lost forever. Thank you my  dearest friends of Holy Angels’, girls we are awesome😇

My dear friend who always get irritated by me Avi Nash keep expecting the same😛 And last but not the least I thank my family and my those close friends whose name if I put on thanks giving list may end up my life😜

As 2014 was an awesome year for me my newyear resolution in 2015 is to be the same. So friends beware. Only the year is gonna change and not me;). So you can continue expecting the irritations. You will always be my best year dearest 2014. I will miss you a lot and please tell 2015  to be as kind and awesome as you were.

To all those who think you had a bad year; nothing is permanent, the moment will pass while you blink. Welcome the new year with a smile and cheers it will all be awesome. There are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. ☺

Happy New Year to all:):):)