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In life you will always have a game where you need to fight for you and your existence. Many a time you will feel beaten up, crushed down or squeezed out by life. There will be times when life leaves nothing but worries. But remember it’s the  game life has set for you and you will be the last man standing. Give the best out of you and fight. You will feel threatened but life will always provide you resources if you are determined. Just prove the world who you are and feel the difference. The worst enemy in the game will be your fears. Open your heart and mind and seek help. When we talk of help, never expect someone holding your hands and helping you fight. The one at your service will be none other than you.  Even nature will come for your help once you are determined(The Alchemist). So get rid of your fears and fight hard. Practice to say NO when needed to no matter who. Life never demands compromise. Follow your heart and life will just  be awesome.