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People call me lucky and yes me too consider myself lucky but have you ever thought what luck is all about. If you ask me I will say it’s nothing but walking side by side with God or else walking your dreams. I remember from the very childhood I was lucky, all the odds were in my favor but there were times when luck was not on my side. I clearly remember those days when I was not me, I was being someone else just to please those who were never meant to be in my life. Yes, the troublesome 4 years; when I was living in my past. Whatever I did whatever I touched everything turned to be a disaster. It took me some time to realize I was moving in the wrong track. Luck again started favoring me once I made up my mind and started rowing with the wind. So that is all luck is all about. Moving with the wind. Stop sticking to your past or to things which are not meant to be yours. People cross your life to serve their purpose and they leave once it is done. Bad things do happen to good people just to make them more strong. Move on or else you will always sit wondering why luck is not in your favor. πŸ™‚