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I always make sure to maintain a formal relation with my students and colleagues and I don’t share my personal stuff with them unless I feel it is that important or else the person makes me that comfortable that I consider him/her more than just a colleague. Some time back due to certain circumstances I was forced to work extra hours and it was then I came to know more about him, a man with magic within him. A person who finds his pleasure in making others happy, a person who has the magic to make those around him feel they are perfect. It was one such afternoon when we dined out and as I was not in a mood to have food and thinking of not to waste the food my colleague told me to get it parcelled. On hearing this I suddenly objected saying I am not gonna have it later also. He smiled and replied in his Hindi mixed Malayalam, “It is okay, if you don’t wanna have leave it, we will give it to some one who is in need of food”. I was touched by this and just looked at him wonderstruck. Because usually whenever I get it parcelled I normally don’t finish it and it will directly see its way to dustbin. And the same evening as he was walking me to my PG he stopped me in between and asked me whether I am gonna have the food or what. I calmly replied no and he said okay then give it to him and it is when I looked in the direction he was pointing and I was shocked to see an old man sitting on the roadside with a kid whom I dint even notice. I offered him the parcel and the man was not responding. He was just staring at me and then I saw his cataract stricken eyes and I gave it to his hands. I could feel my eyes getting wet on the way he was analysing the parcel. I was thinking about what I am not in this world. I have everything in my life to comfort me and still I do complain. How many times I have wasted my food even after taking it home just giving the reason it has become cold. And till all these years I never gave such a thought I could give it to the needy. And thanks my dear for opening my eyes and letting me know there are lot more ways to help the poor than donating money. I know you consider yourself not worthy at times but for the people around you, you are an angel, the way you make them feel perfect is the only thing needed to consider yourself worthy. And as far as I know this incident wont be even in your memories but you touched my heart and I bow before you gentleman for letting me know the magic in you. 🙂 🙂 🙂