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People say everything is fair in love. Yes, we will feel the world is just perfect with our love. Adjustments, compromises, giving up happily for the love, everything just seems the perfect way it should be. But once something goes wrong you will realize all was wrong. Once the problem starts it will be like a chain, continuous, one after the other. The perfection will vanish forever and the compromises will start not to work and the then perfect love will lead into imperfections and may be a broken heart. Yes, broken heart aches but the recovery heals. Once you regain yourself the saying comes true, everything will be fair when you are in love with you. You will see miracles happening with you. You will start to enjoy each and every second of your life. You will regain the color of your life. You will laugh at your own faults.You will even find happiness hidden even in the darkest areas of life. Everything becomes fair in love.