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This is about a friend of mine who I consider as my little sister and with love I call her “Paagal”. We have an age difference of around 10 but still we both get along very smoothly. At times I wonder the pleasure the sweet teen gives us, the time when we do things without a second thought or in other words the time when we follow our heart and not our brain. It is the awesome time of our life which once lost can never be returned. By seeing her do things I get annoyed many a times but later before I sleep off I just give a thought, yes she was following her heart for which at times she may regret but surely the best solution for all problems.

Isn’t it true? We all have those unfinished dreams, unfulfilled wishes which disturb us every now and then, which make our pillows wet just for giving a second thought. Yes, you may regret for following your dreams but finally when you become old and you sit in your armchair reminiscing, these will only be the memories you will have to cherish and the brains act may put you in nothing but despair.

This is specially dedicated to you “My Paagal”, yes my dear, I know I am perfect in your eyes and you feel annoyed by my scolding but the truth is I envy you on this matter. Keep following your heart my dear. But make sure you don’t regret later in your life for the things you do today. Keep smiling always….