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Yes as every girl has, I too had a dream of a prince charming but with the exception of blue eyes and riding a white horse. My childhood friend. We both did not have much of childhood memories together as we only spent very few years together but the memories were strong enough to keep going till we met as adults. We parted at the age of 9 and it was after long 16 years that we met but still he remained my prince charming. But by then I understood, it was for me that he remained the prince charming and I was not his princess. Even though I was in a relation with my so called first love there was a reason for remembering my prince charming. We both were born on the same day and that is all I knew about him. Gradually I realized the miracle in the fairy tales started working as my prince started viewing me as his damsel. But as a slow runner I lost this race also while chasing my lost love.

People say it is all pre planned but my mind doesn’t understand all such philosophies. I never gave it a thought that I would give away my heart to someone else when my so dreamed prince charming returned and that I will be sitting and crying with the left over pieces of my broken heart. I just wanted some time and time when meddled with can cause a great deal of damage. When I fixed all the broken pieces together I could feel my prince a long way off from me. I don’t regret for not acting on time because things are meant to be the way it is and not the way I want it to be. So I don’t see any point in bargaining and arguing with God who plans everything. When things go wrong in life I just remember these words things are not meant to work on your plan, it is meant to work on our creators plan. Just step in to the plan and move on. Thanks to my prince charming for the greatest lesson in my life.