Love and hate, the two extremes of emotions we can call; yes you may wonder when I say it can be balanced in the same scale. Yes it can be. That is my experience. I have this person in my life, my first love I may call, whom I hate and love at the same time with same intensity. It was too late for me to recognize that love is the sharpest weapon in the world to mess with. We both messed with it, a lot more than necessary, to end up being trapped by its octopus hands.

It started as a teenage infatuation but lasted 8 long years. As every love stories go we also had plans for our future tied with love and love alone. But life was too busy and fast for me to pick up the pace. I was left behind in the war of love with hatred replacing love. But now when I turn over and see my past, yes I can still see the same eager to love him in my eyes, but hatred takes over when I take a step back. If I say I don’t think about my so called first love, it may be the biggest lie so I may rephrase; yes I do but I don’t regret; for I believe there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. We got separated for a greater cause may be. If we were still together for sure we would have crossed many days in the court for divorce. Now even though we are apart I can still look back at him with love filled eyes than hatred alone.

Next time you feel like falling in love, remember love is the sharpest weapon known to exist in the world. Don’t mess with it; you will never know the pain till you get trapped. And don’t forget there are some relations which we have to let go instead of holding on for the relationship sake.