It took me around 27 years to understand the meaning of aging. I have heard many say, the value of parents will be felt only when you see their empty chairs. I never gave a thought to it till today. Today, I was here in Bangalore with my dad. I was sitting in the bed and watching TV and my dad stood in front of the TV blocking my view. I was about to shout at him and it was then I noticed the gray hairs he was having. Tears welled up my eyes and guilt filled my mind. I used to fight very badly with my parents whenever they used to care too much (rather I felt it was too much). It was like whatever I say is true and they were nothing in front of me. At that time I never gave a thought that they were getting old. But that day was different. It was the day I noticed how old my parents have become. Even though he is 62 and my mom is 60, I never considered it an age. May be because I never noticed their grey hairs. But at that moment I made myself a promise that I will never say a word which will hurt them. Now, even if they care a lot also I just smile. I have started to enjoy their care. Now I understood they are getting older day by day and not young anymore. May be I can blame my age for behaving so badly or may be myself. Just a reminder for all, it will be too late when you realize this fact. Try this and you will surely feel better. After all you will not get time to make all the mistakes for yourself. 😉